Updated: June 19, 2015, 10:14 AM EST

Chad Ford Mock Draft 7.0

Towns still goes No. 1 to Wolves, but Sixers take Porzingis at No. 3.


The NBA draft is eight days away. Teams are finishing up their workouts. Draft boards are firming up. The deadline to withdraw was June 15 (and a number of young international prospects decided to do just that), so we now have a finalized list of who is eligible to be drafted.

Still, there's much left to be decided. I spoke with a number of NBA executives in Las Vegas on Friday. Most of them said their draft boards are still pretty fluid, and they were considering four to five players at the team's draft position.

In other words, while it's becoming clearer who is in consideration for each pick, it's hard to pinpoint who exactly a team is going to take. Nevertheless, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, here's our best stab at how the draft might play out on June 25. And for the first time this year, we're also running a full second-round mock! If you think the first round is tough to predict, the second round is almost impossible right now.

The second round of every draft is a bit of a crap shoot. Unlike the NFL draft, very few prospects taken in the second round go on to have a major impact. However, there are always exceptions. Jordan Clarkson was taken 46th last year and made the NBA All-Rookie first team. Draymond Green is about ready to get a max contract after falling into the second round.

This year's draft is particularly thin in the second round thanks to a dearth of international players. But here's our best guess at what each team will do.

Remember, our mock draft is not a ranking of who we think the top players are (see our Top 100 for the latest rankings of players). Instead, it's a reporting tool to convey our latest intel from NBA scouts and GMs on what each team might do in the draft.

Note: Traded picks are denoted by numbers with explanations at the bottom.