Ranked Players
1Kyrie IrvingPG6-41912911(1)DukeCleveland
May 23 Update: Is Kyrie Irving a lock for the No. 1 pick? No, ... more
2Derrick WilliamsPF6-92483012(2)ArizonaMinnesota
May 26 Update: Williams tested well but not off the charts at the NBA ... more
3Enes KanterC6-112602913(3)TurkeyUtah
June 7 Update: So far, Kanter has been working out against proverbial chairs. His ... more
4Jonas ValanciunasC7-02452915(5)LithuaniaToronto
June 9 Update: This is an NBA draft that is devoid of big men, ... more
5Brandon KnightPG6-41773018(8)KentuckyDetroit
May 23 Update: NBA execs seem to be leaning toward Brandon Knight over Kemba ... more
6Tristan ThompsonPF6-92273014(4)TexasCleveland
June 7 Update: Still trying to figure out the draft range for Tristan Thompson. ... more
7Kawhi LeonardSF6-722830115(15)San Diego StateIndiana
June 7 Update: Leonard started working out for the first time on Sunday. He ... more
8Jan VeselySF6-112403116(6)Czech RepublicWashington
Mar 17 Update: Vesely is a terrific athlete who has played major minutes on ... more
9Kemba WalkerPG6-11843119(9)UConnCharlotte
May 23 Update: NBA execs seem to be leaning toward Brandon Knight over Walker ... more
10Jimmer FredettePG6-319632110(10)BYUMilwaukee
June 3 Update: Fredette had big workouts this week in Indiana and New York. ... more
11Klay ThompsonSG6-720631111(11)Washington StateGolden State
June 3 Update: Thompson closely. He has already had two high-profile workouts with the ... more
12Alec BurksSG6-619330112(12)ColoradoUtah
May 13 Update: I got the chance to check out Colorado's Alec Burks on ... more
13Bismack BiyomboPF6-92432917(7)CongoSacramento
June 13 Update: Biyombo was the main attraction at this year's Eurocamp in Treviso, ... more
14Kenneth FariedPF6-822532122(22)Morehead StateDenver
Mar 16 Update: For the past two years, we've listed Faried in the "sleeper" ... more
15Marshon BrooksSG6-519532125(25)ProvidenceBoston
June 2 Update: Sometimes a player in the draft just has that look. Not ... more
16Nikola MiroticSF6-1022630123(23)SerbiaHouston
Apr 17 Update: On talent, Mirotic is a likely late lottery to mid-first round ... more
17Tobias HarrisPF6-822329119(19)TennesseeCharlotte
May 26 Update: Harris looks like a much better athlete than he's given credit ... more
18Chris SingletonSF6-923032118(18)Florida StateWashington
May 26 Update: Singleton looked great with a 37-inch vertical and a very fast ... more
19Jordan HamiltonSF6-922831126(26)TexasDallas
May 23 Update: I expect we'll be seeing Hamilton rising on boards in the ... more
20Marcus MorrisPF6-923032114(14)KansasHouston
May 23 Update: Lots of debate at the NBA combine about Marcus and Markieff ... more