Turiaf, Morris top prospects to watch

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CHICAGO – After spending Monday watching Raymond Felton working out with Tim Grover at Attack Athletics, it was time to get back to reality at the NBA's Chicago predraft camp.

Insider was the first to report the NBA's list of scheduled participants on Monday afternoon. Once again, the roster is proving to be a disappointment. The camp is so diluted that bubble first-round guys such as Matt Walsh and Linas Kleiza decided the camp wasn't worth their while, and a staggering 17 players from the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament are making repeat appearances here.

Still, compared with last year's camp, this year's looks like an All-Star event.

There are some interesting players here. Every year, someone comes out of the woodwork and plants himself firmly in the first round. Last year, Delonte West, Tony Allen and Beno Udrih played their way in. Who has a shot at doing it this year?

Here are the 12 guys NBA teams will be watching closely: