Top 10 by position

  • Top 10: PG | PF | SF | SG | C

    Doing a mock draft, as we proved on Wednesday, is still an overwhelming prospect at this point. There are still too many variables. Trade rumors, promise rumors and continuing workouts continue to skew the picture.

    Doing a top 10 at this point in the year is usually easier. By now, there's normally some sort of consensus on the best players at each position. This year? Forget about it. Some teams think Chris Paul is the top point guard in the draft. Others think it's Deron Williams.

    At power forward, things get even messier. We talked to 10 different teams about their rankings of 10 top power forwards – Fran Vazquez, Martynas Andriuskevicius, Sean May, Ike Diogu, Wayne Simien, Hakim Warrick, Charlie Villanueva, Andray Blatche, David Lee and Chris Taft. No two teams had the same ranking – and some were dramatically different.

    There are no steadfast rules this year, but after talking to numerous NBA scouts and teams, here's a look at the top 10 players at each position with (sometimes rather large) draft ranges.