Will the Hawks trade No. 2?

Confusion. Paranoia. Rumors. Deceit. Double-talk. Smoke screens. Promises. And Lies.

It's five days before the NBA draft and the whole draft appears to be in utter chaos.

"We had a six-hour meeting on Thursday trying to figure this thing out," one NBA executive who has a first-round pick in the 20s told Insider. "By now we would have the list narrowed to three or four guys who we like who we think will be there. Right now, we've got it down to 10 and have no clue whether all or none of them will be on the board when we pick."

Credit rampant trade talk, both at the top of the draft and throughout the middle, along with the age-old practice of agents' claiming their clients won't be around whenever a team picks.

"I've had 20 players and their agents tell us that they're going ahead of us,'' said Celtics director of basketball operations Danny Ainge, who owns the 18th pick. "Nothing will surprise me. Somebody has to slide.''

Who's trading? Who's sliding? Insider tries to sort through the information and misinformation to get to the latest.