Teams say trade talk complicates draft projections


That's the word Nets GM Ed Stefanski and a host of other NBA executives have used to describe this year's draft.

While all agree that the draft pool is deep, they also acknowledge that there is unprecedented parity in this draft. By now, about 30 hours before draft night, most teams have narrowed their lists down to the two or three players they want.

This year, many teams still have five or six options on the table. That's partly because of the plethora of talent, and partly because there's so much trade talk that no one is sure what team will be drafting at which spot.

"You have conversations with other teams and you don't really know what is real," Wizards general manager Rod Higgins said.

Here's the latest we've heard – whether any of this is real won't be known for sure until draft night.

Hawks: After weeks of saying they would take Marvin Williams if Andrew Bogut wasn't on the board at No. 2, the Hawks' front office is having second thoughts.