Chad Ford's Mock Draft, Version 2: Picks 1 to 30

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We're only about two weeks from the NBA draft and the consensus around the league is that no one's sure exactly what anyone is doing.

"You start right at the top with Toronto," one GM with a mid-first round pick told Insider. "They could go in a number of directions. There's trade talk and we're still evaluating players. We have so many different players ranked so close together, I think the draft will be more about need than anything this year."

So take what you're reading with a grain of salt. No one knows what these teams are doing, themselves included.

Still, there has been relatively little movement since the lottery. The Orlando predraft camp did little to shake things up in the first round, and we've yet to see any trades or major players withdraw from this year's draft.

So far, individual workouts and a few group workouts in Orlando have been the only things moving the meter.

Over the next week the Reebok Eurocamp, a number of individual workouts and the June 18 withdrawal deadline could still alter the face of the draft.

For now, here's our best stab, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, at how the draft might play out on June 28: