Many prospects were helped by college growth

Some believe this is a terrible draft, the worst in years. Others have said it is solid and deep. I think this draft is a dramatic confluence of big-name prospects and late bloomers.

The late bloomers are the guys who were under-recruited coming out of high school. Yet because of their efforts and later development, they have surpassed guys who were overhyped coming into college. If these two groups of players had entered the draft together last year, some overhyped guys would have gone before the late bloomers. But now it's a different story.

The shame of the last five years of the NBA draft is that if you were a spectacular athlete who dominated high school basketball and you played well at the practices for an All-American all-star game, you left high school for the pros and skipped an obvious step in your development. By making high school players go to college for at least one year, the NBA allows players to prove themselves in a college system against slightly older players in a much more realistic game setting.