Stock Watch: Who's hot after two weekend events?

MEMPHIS -- In recent days, NBA scouts and executives gathered in Portsmouth, Va., for the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, and Memphis, Tenn., for the Nike Hoop Summit to get their last looks at NBA prospects for a while. A league-imposed moratorium prohibits NBA teams from working out or contacting potential draft prospects until after the Orlando predraft camp in late May.

Of the two events, the Hoop Summit garnered the most attention from scouts. At least one potential lottery pick and two more potential first-rounders from the international team played in Memphis along with 10 of the top American high school players. Team USA's players won't be available until the 2008 NBA draft, but this gave NBA scouts a good chance to see them play against competition that was stiffer than the high school players the U.S. stars have been facing, even at high school All-Star games.

The PIT was a disappointment. Most of the NBA executives and scouts I spoke with in Memphis thought there were no first-round prospects in Portsmouth and anywhere from zero to five potential second-round prospects. Given that roughly 60 players showed up for the PIT, that's saying something.

So who helped and hurt themselves this weekend? I spoke with a couple of dozen NBA executives and scouts in Memphis to get their take on both events.