Scouting Eurocamp: Prospects to watch for 2008 draft

TREVISO, Italy -- The 2007 NBA Draft might go down as one of the best ever, but the crop of international players is weaker than usual -- perhaps the worst of the last five years.

NBA teams have strip-mined much of the young overseas talent, leaving the draft filled with players who previously have tried but failed to get teams to take them in the first round.

With the exception of Yi Jianlian, this year's international class is underwhelming. Tiago Splitter is in the draft for the fourth time. Rudy Fernandez has been on mock drafts for years. Ditto for Marco Belinelli.

All four might be first-round picks, but only Yi projects as an NBA starter at the moment.

But it looks like the situation will be temporary. Next year's draft class has a number of interesting international prospects, many of whom are here at the Reebok Eurocamp.

Here's a look at eight young players here at the Eurocamp who might hear their name called on draft night 2008.