A guide to draft night

This will be my eighth year doing the NBA draft for ESPN Radio; as such, I feel it's my duty to inform the viewing public -- and NBA general managers -- of the "do" and "do not" basics of the evening.

Let's start simple: do wear a suit, tie, pocket square and a nice watch. Do not go Jalen Rose and wear red pinstripes, or even think about a top hat and cane.

Do prepare to wear a baseball hat; do not get comfortable as sometimes guys will change teams three times before the night is over.

Do expect the fellas in the green room to be the called first, but do not be surprised if the top 10 European players are scattered in the stands waiting for their name to be called, whereupon they will step over whole rows of seats to shake the commissioner's (or deputy commissioner's) hand.

Do expect a rowdy crowd for the New York Knicks, who have back-to-back picks in the second round, but do not expect them to be happy (unless LeBron James shows up in blue and orange).

But seriously, there is more. Using the last couple years as reference, here are the do and do nots for tonight's draft: