Draft's over-, underrated prospects

Welcome to the Insider edition of 5-on-5! This weekly panel is dedicated solely to debating the 2013 NBA draft. This week our experts tackle the best of the draft.

1. Who is the most overrated prospect?

Fran Fraschilla: Kentucky's Nerlens Noel. It is not his fault that right now he is the consensus No.1 pick. Given his injury and his lithe frame (6-foot-10, 228 pounds), it will be hard for Noel to succeed early. Ultimately, because of his age and athleticism, he will eventually impact the game defensively, but the burden of being the top pick will weigh on him for a while.

Amin Elhassan: Noel. The mantle of being No. 1 brings the burden of expectation of being a franchise-altering pick, and I don't know that Noel is that. He's a superb shot-blocker, but not strong enough to bang with NBA bigs (even when healthy). Additionally, he's not an elite rebounder and his offensive game is very raw. He's a good prospect, but not a great one.