Most NBA-ready prospect?

Is Anthony Bennett, Trey Burke or Otto Porter the most NBA-ready draft prospect? AP Photos

Welcome to the Insider edition of 5-on-5! This weekly panel is dedicated solely to debating the 2013 NBA draft. This week our experts -- Chad Ford, Kevin Pelton, Fran Fraschilla, Dave Telep and Amin Elhassan -- tackle player development issues from the draft.

1. Which player is the most NBA-ready?

Chad Ford: Anthony Bennett. NBA body? Check. NBA athleticism? Check. Advanced offensive skills? Check. I'm not sure there is another player in the draft who can check all three boxes at the age of 20.

Kevin Pelton: Otto Porter. Not only was the Big East Player of the Year one of the most productive players in college hoops last season, but his versatile skill set should enable him to slide easily into a smaller role right away.