Best, worst picks in NBA draft

The 2014 NBA draft class could end up being a special one. AP Photo/Kathy Willens

A day after the 2014 NBA draft is complete, Chad Ford and Jay Bilas return to provide a breakdown. Today, they look at the best and worst picks, most surprising selection and a pick for rookie of the year.


Ford: Draft Grades | Pick by pick | Pelton: Trade Grades

1. Who was the best pick of the draft?

Jay Bilas: The best pick was Isaiah Austin, made by Adam Silver. What a classy and heartwarming moment. Next, it would be Joel Embiid, by Philadelphia. Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker were the right calls for Cleveland and Milwaukee given their situations, but Embiid is the best prospect. The two recent injuries are certainly a concern, but I believe his talent and the potential return is worth the risk. A former NBA head coach who has worked with Embiid told me on draft night that he agreed. He said Embiid was the best pick, and he wouldn't hesitate if he was in the position to take him. Reasonable minds can differ, but I'll take Embiid. By the way, Parker and Julius Randle have both broken a foot in the past 18 months. They weren't exactly the same injury as Embiid's, but it happens.