Where do the Bucks begin?

Giannis Antetokounmpo's rookie season was strong, but the Bucks need an elite talent. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

NBA Insiders Amin Elhassan and Bradford Doolittle break down the draft profile, needs and potential picks of the 14 teams eligible for the NBA draft lottery this year. With some help from Chad Ford's Big Board, we take a look at the Milwaukee Bucks.

Personnel needs: high-ceiling talent

Major need: Where do we begin? Any time a team loses 67 games, it's apparent that the needs run deep, but this is the path we've wanted the middle-treading Bucks to take for years. There are two multiyear contracts to young players on the books. One is Larry Sanders' four-year, $44 million extension that begins next season. After a season in which Sanders missed 59 games and was mostly ineffective when he did play, it's safe to say the Bucks won't be offloading that contract anytime soon. With Sanders, the hope is that he can be paired with most big men Milwaukee might acquire, so you don't worry about him blocking anyone, or vice versa. The other contract in question is the two years and $16 million left for O.J. Mayo. Mayo ranked 418th in WARP this past season, so this is another toxic contract. However, a bounce-back season could make him attractive to a team looking for off-the-bench scoring, if the dollars can be absorbed. Either way, his presence will not prevent Milwaukee from taking a shooting guard in the draft.