Towns has top-pick tools

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

To help readers get to know top NBA draft prospects, Insider offers a 360-degree look at many of them in a concise and thorough scouting report featuring three expert perspectives: Kevin Pelton (analytics), Fran Fraschilla (scouting) and Chad Ford (NBA front offices). Here's a look at Karl-Anthony Towns.

WARP projection: 2.8 (3rd among players in top 100)
Comparables: Patrick O'Bryant (98.4), Steven Adams (95.5), Greg Oden (95.2), Chris Bosh (94.5)
Strengths: Shooting%, Rebound%, Block%
Weaknesses: PF%

The analytics perspective

Besides an eerie similarity to Patrick O'Bryant, who dominated the Missouri Valley Conference but was a bust in the NBA, there's not much in the way of red flags in Towns' statistics. His only negative was a high foul rate (5.6 per 40 minutes) that can be explained in part by Kentucky's enviable post depth, which made foul trouble largely a non-concern.