Is Kevon Looney a lottery pick?

ESPN Insider's Chad Ford and Kevin Pelton return to provide the kind of discussions that are happening in front offices around the NBA -- where scouts and statistical experts are breaking down NBA draft prospects using their "eyes, ears and numbers."

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Question: Is UCLA's Kevon Looney really a top 10 pick in this year's draft? Is he really ready for the NBA?

Ford: You really have to divorce those two questions from each other. NBA readiness is part of the draft equation, but it isn't the draft equation. Too many people look at box scores or see a player have an unimpressive game and dismiss them as NBA prospects. That especially happens with young players who aren't physically ready to dominate college, let alone the pros.

Scouts have consistently ranked him in the top 10 all season. He's gone as high as No. 5 on our Big Board and currently is No. 7. If he declares for the draft (a big if), I think he'll go somewhere in the 6-to-12 range.

Where do the numbers have him ranked Kevin? Is he worthy of a lottery pick?