Which teams blew it by passing on Paul?

Hindsight is always 20-20 after the NBA draft. That said, the more this season progresses, the harder it is to figure out what NBA GMs were thinking when they passed on Wake Forest sophomore point guard Chris Paul in last year's draft.

By March of his freshman year, NBA scouts were already calling him the best college point-guard prospect since Jason Kidd. He had a stellar sophomore season and looked great in workouts, but somehow a number of teams passed up the chance to draft him or to trade for the opportunity to take him.

Paul ended up going No. 4 to the Hornets, but as many as seven other teams had a shot at him before the draft. Most of them have to be kicking themselves now, as Paul has led the Hornets out of the cellar in the West and could be an All-Star in his rookie season. And he's only 20.

Looking back to last June, let's ask the question GMs don't want their fans to ask: Who could have had Paul, and why didn't they take him?

The breakdown: