Five teams looking for summer deals

We broke down the top players who might be on the move this summer. Here's a look at five teams that should be looking to make a deal:

1. Phoenix Suns
The Suns decided to give Alvin Gentry a chance to right the ship in Phoenix, but with Amare Stoudemire now lost for two months, accomplishing that task will be close to impossible. The Suns will head into the summer with a bloated payroll and will need to cut $7-8 million to avoid the luxury tax. I think they'll continue to pursue Shaquille O'Neal deals, but if they can't move him, I think you'll hear Stoudemire's name again.

2. Chicago Bulls
The Bulls made significant moves at the trade deadline, but they still aren't serious challengers in the East. So after trying to piece things together for the past two years, expect the Bulls to follow a different strategy in the summer. They'll try to move Kirk Hinrich and start clearing cap space for the summer of 2010; if they get far enough under the cap, they should be serious contenders in the Chris Bosh sweepstakes.