Ten teams looking to trade

The NBA trade deadline is one week away, and with the exception of the six-month Carmelo Anthony saga, which is really humming the same tune over and over again, there hasn't been much in the way of new trade rumors.

That should change this weekend, as representatives from all 30 teams descend on Los Angeles for the All-Star break. In the past, All-Star Weekend has been a nice catalyst for trade talks. With so many GMs and owners in the same room, the ice gets broken and people start talking.

Two big obstacles stand in the way, of course. For starters, with so many teams having interest in Melo, teams are holding onto assets they might otherwise be willing to move. Second, the looming lockout and new CBA discussions have created an environment of caution for many owners. A number of teams have been unwilling to commit to taking on more money until they have a clearer view of how things will change under the new CBA. Owners may get some clarity when they sit down with the union as part of a weekend bargaining session, but it's unlikely they'll really know much more at this early stage.