West still has majority of star power

STAT and Melo headed East but it wasn't enough to tip the scales in the conference's favor. Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

Is the Eastern Conference ready to overtake the Western Conference as the new superpower? If you ask LeBron James, it's already on its way.

"Everybody's bringing their talents to the East," James said the day following this season's trade deadline.

"We took two of the best players in the West and brought them to the East," James said. "[Deron Williams] has been a multiple All-Star in the West, and [Carmelo Anthony], of course, has been a multiple All-Star, and now they're in the East. Amare Stoudemire was a multiple All-Star in the West and now he's in the East, too. So it is shifting."

We'll go ahead and excuse James for egregiously omitting Anthony Carter from his list of migrating stars. But while it might seem like the East is loading up on heavyweights, it still have a long way to go before it can match the West. Most of the stars in the game today still come from the left side of the Mississippi.