Hole of an issue: Western Conference

Derek Fisher needs to come up big this postseason, while Peja Stojakovic needs to stay healthy. ESPN.com Illustration

With the playoffs on the horizon, teams have no choice but to go with what they have. Whether it's due to injury or a thin roster, each team has its holes. To win the title, it may come down to who successfully covers those holes down the stretch. Where are those holes? Let's break it down, for each of the 16 likely playoff squads, describing the size of each hole as either gaping, noticeable or overstated.

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San Antonio Spurs -- small forward

This squad is airtight; not many holes to be found here. But if you have to nitpick, it's the depth behind Richard Jefferson on the wing. The Spurs are fortunate that they can slide Manu Ginobili to the 3-spot when Jefferson sits, but there's a reason the Spurs have a revolving door at the wing bench spot.

Size of hole: Overstated