Hawks are banking on Williams' potential

Marvin Williams or Chris Paul?

That question, unfortunately, is likely to hang over Williams and the Hawks for much of the rookie forward's career. While Atlanta has struggled to get consistent point guard play, Paul unexpectedly has the Hornets in playoff contention and could snag an All-Star berth. As Chad Ford notes in his Tuesday column, Atlanta was one of the teams that passed on Paul in the 2005 draft. Meanwhile, Williams is averaging a modest 6.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game off the bench for Atlanta.

But hold the comparisons right there.

"You can't compare," said Hawks coach Mike Woodson. "Because Chris is a point guard and Marvin is a 3, sometimes he plays 4. They're totally different games. Chris has played a lot more minutes than Marvin has played, so therefore his numbers are a lot better than what Marvin's are. Eventually Marvin's numbers will go the other way."