Three new Cavs add up to one big train wreck

They say good things come in small packages. But bad things can come in packages too, and not necessarily small ones.

For further proof, just take a look at this year's most disappointing players. As luck would have it, each has been packaged by fate with an equally disappointing partner, either by playing with him, being traded for him or being replaced by him.

Having already gone over my candidates for most improved, it's only fitting that I also present the list of candidates for the year's "least improved" -- those who dropped off last year's "most" list. Since the league won't be presenting an award in this category, I have my own name for it -- the All-Train Wreck team.

Before I present the list, note that I left off a few people whose problems seem more related to injuries than ineffectiveness -- Peja Stojakovic, Tim Duncan, Quentin Richardson, Jamaal Tinsley and Jason Collins, for instance, don't appear on the list below.

And of course, you'll notice the members of the All-Train Wreck come in packages. For instance: