How much is left in the Shaq tank?

Most Dominant Ever.

That's how Shaquille O'Neal describes himself, and that's how a lot of NBA observers would describe him, as well. The 7-foot behemoth has absolutely dominated the league since arriving on the scene in 1992, winning three championships, taking five other clubs as far as the conference finals and earning first team All-NBA honors seven times.

For this reason, most opponents still reflexively cower at the mere mention of Shaq. However, even the most enthusiastic Shaqophiles must admit that his game has slipped this year. The evidence, in fact, is overwhelming. Shaq is averaging career lows in points, blocks, steals, assists, rebounds, minutes, free-throw attempts and field-goal attempts. In fact, the only category in which he could post a career high is fouls; despite playing far fewer minutes than ever before (just 30.5 a game), Shaq has been whistled 3.9 times per game.