Five possible Allen Iverson trade scenarios

The dog days of the summer are here, which means only one thing in the NBA world: trade rumor season. With the list of top free agents whittled down to just a select few names, and teams otherwise sifting through the scraps, our attention is now turned to the great many players who are already under contract. Some undoubtedly will change addresses between now and when the season starts, and most observers feel that this particular summer will see brisk action on the trading front as the result of a lame free-agent market.

Unquestionably, the biggest name available on the trade market is Philadelphia's star, Allen Iverson. While the Sixers recently said they have no intention of dealing Iverson right now, they were shopping him for most of the summer. Even today, many folks around the league will tell you, sotto voce, they believe he's still available.

Available or not, Iverson is one player who gives us a great example of how to use a great fan-friendly tool on this site -- ESPN.com's Trade Machine, which evaluates any proposed trade and tells you whether it works under the salary cap.

Using this tool, as well as heavy dollops of common sense, we can evaluate five potential destinations for Iverson, what players might have to be included in order to make a deal workable, and what the odds are of something actually getting done with one of these teams: