Who'd benefit Bulls more now -- Big Ben or Chandler?

I don't think this is what the Bulls meant by a "circus trip."

As everyone knows by know, Chicago's annual early-season road trip -- necessitated because the lion tamers and bearded ladies take over the United Center for two weeks each November -- turned into its own circus on Saturday when Ben Wallace entered a game with a headband in open defiance of team rules.

The conflict set the stage for a crucial test of coach Scott Skiles' leadership. He's earned much-deserved kudos for keeping the Bulls competitive with a gritty underdog mentality the past few years, but has yet to show he can handle big-name, high-priced players the way a Phil Jackson or Chuck Daly can.

But while we waited on pins and needles for the resolution of perhaps the biggest challenge of Skiles' coaching career, there was another, equally important big-picture question for the Bulls:

Namely, is Big Ben a Big Bust? And, as unbelievable as this would have sounded two months ago, might the Bulls be better off right now with Tyson Chandler?