Hollinger's Insider Gems: Nov. 11, 2008

1. They're dropping like flies, aren't they? First Josh Smith, Kirk Hinrich and Tony Parker. Now Kevin Martin is out for at least a week, Brandon Roy hurt his back last night, Antonio Daniels has a bad wheel, Shawn Marion and Devin Harris sat out last night, Al Harrington has either a bad back or a bruised ego, Josh Howard could miss another game tonight, Rodney Stuckey and Chris Wilcox are on the shelf and Michael Redd, Shane Battier and Deron Williams don't appear to be returning any time soon.

Welcome the 82-game war of attrition, everyone. Every so often you'll see a team skip through the season without any significant missed playing time, but smart teams plan on not having everyone available. We're only two weeks in, and already nearly every team is into its contingency plan in at least one position.