Hollinger's Insider Gems: Nov. 14, 2008

1. I realize the luxury tax savings are potentially enormous, but man, the Nuggets sure could have used Antonio McDyess last night. During the late third and early fourth quarters, the Nuggets' guards were beaten off the dribble multiple times, and each time they were able to finish at the rim with ease. The reason was simple: Denver didn't have a big man.

I don't mean they lacked a good big man; I mean they were playing without one at all. Denver used a lineup in which the "frontcourt," if you can call it that, consisted of small forwards Renaldo Balkman and Linas Kleiza. With Kenyon Martin and Nene the only two bigs on the roster that coach George Karl trusts, the smaller look is one we're likely to see frequently from the Nuggets this season … unless they can somehow work a deal for a quality big man while staying under the tax.