Hollinger's Insider Gems: Nov. 7, 2008

1. Following up yesterday's item on adjusted game score, I had a few e-mails wondering how Kobe Bryant's 62-points-in-three-quarters game against Dallas didn't merit a spot in the top five. Turns out it only ranked 13th -- Bryant didn't have a single assist that night, and the game was the fastest-paced of any in the top 30, both of which hurt his score.

2. I should also point out the difference between per-game and per-minute ratings. AGS is per game, so Kobe doesn't get any extra credit for racking up his numbers in just 32 minutes. On a per-minute basis, however, it ranks third (using a 25-minute limit). His 81-point performance, surprisingly, was only second. And No. 1? This forgotten gem by Gilbert Arenas against the Knicks in 2006 -- he scored 46 points in 30 minutes, taking only 16 shots, and had four steals against one turnover.