Hollinger's Insider Gems: Feb. 3, 2009

1. The interesting side plot to the injuries to Jameer Nelson and Chris Paul is whether they will be available for the All-Star Game. Nelson, in particular, seems almost certain to miss it, which is terribly unfortunate since it's his first selection.

In that case, commissioner David Stern would select a replacement from each conference. In Nelson's case, it would almost certainly be Cleveland's Mo Williams -- given both the outcry over the omission (even though it was warranted) and the fact that he and Nelson play the same position. Boston's Rajon Rondo would be the other strong contender.

Out West, it's more interesting. Al Jefferson of Minnesota is clearly the most qualified player, but he doesn't play the same position as Paul. Carmelo Anthony was an oft-discussed "snub," but he was hurt and didn't play All-Star caliber ball when he was healthy, so that hardly seems rational -- and he's not a guard, either.