Hollinger's Gems: April 8, 2009

1. Welcome to a special game-tying 3-point shot edition of the Insider Gems. We've talked a few times this season about teams choosing to foul (or not foul) in late-game situations when up by three, but Tuesday night's Portland-Memphis game featured a scenario in which I'd have to imagine virtually everyone would choose to foul.

The Blazers -- whose coach, Nate McMillan, is firmly in the no-foul school -- were clinging to a three-point lead with six seconds left and the Grizzlies inbounding. Amazingly, the first Memphis player to touch the ball was little-used Iranian center Hamed Haddadi. Even more amazingly, the Blazers made no effort to foul the guy, even as he stood with his back to the basket desperately looking for somebody to hand off to.