Hill brings organization to Sonics

I played for Bob Hill in San Antonio for a year and a half during the 1995-96 and 1996-97 seasons.

The Bulls traded me to the Spurs for Dennis Rodman just before training camp opened. I remember Hill sat me down and told me that I would have every opportunity to prove myself on the floor in practice and in games. He was true to his word, and I think I became a better player there.

I'm sure he'll do the same in Seattle. He will give players a chance to prove that they belong in the Sonics' rotation. He'll give everyone on that team a chance to prove themselves and earn their playing time. He'll make sure that he and his star, Ray Allen, are on the same page and that the offense runs through Ray.

Hill will establish a new sense of organization in Seattle. He is the most organized coach that I ever played for. His game planning and practices are like clockwork.

This will be a change for the players, and they will, in turn, have to be more disciplined in their performance.

Players always become more optimistic when there is a coaching change. But in Seattle, players have to realize that things aren't going as planned. The owners are not happy with the way things are going. The players have to get this message: It's time to shape up. The party is over.

I also played for Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson, and I believe that Bob Hill is the most knowledgeable coach I've ever played for. His knowledge of the game is unbelievable.

But that knowledge can also get him into trouble sometimes. He would draw up a perfect play ... but it just wouldn't work because we hadn't practiced it or it was too confusing for the players to understand. He might have trouble translating his vision to his players.

Hill has his work cut out for him, but he now has a chance for him to re-establish himself as quality NBA coach.

Former NBA player Will Perdue writes regularly for ESPN Insider.