Reggie Miller questions Pacers' chemistry

MIAMI -- In an effort to be precise, Reggie Miller said it twice: "I am not a member of the media."

Both times, he was dead wrong.

Furthermore, the fourth estate's newest member has learned a valuable lesson over the past few days: to choose his words carefully.

Meanwhile, in his candor, he has provided some insight into the dynamics of the politics inside Indiana's locker room.

Standing courtside Thursday night prior to tipoff of the Indiana-Miami game, Miller tried to clarify his remarks from earlier in the week, when he picked Detroit to win the Eastern Conference and said the Pacers had "chemistry problems."

Well, Reggie, "chemistry" is what the rest of us media types call a loaded word.

If you say there's a chemistry problem, readers and listeners automatically assume there are players in that locker room who despise each other. Was that what you meant?