Sorting through the Artest rumors

The latest Ron Artest rumor, a report by Sacramento Kings flagship station KHTK that Denver, Golden State and Indiana had agreed to a three-team deal, was shot down by Pacers president Donnie Walsh even before it hit the airwaves Thursday night.

So ended Day 26 of the Artest Watch, which will move into its second month if the Pacers don't get a deal done by the end of the upcoming weekend.

If the Pacers have a timetable, they're keeping it to themselves.

"I'm not going to box myself in by saying something like that," Walsh said, adding the passage of time since Artest's initial trade request has brought an improvement in the offers the Pacers are discussing.

"Things are starting to clarify. The number of teams is down to three or four, and I'm dealing with one or two a day in a serious way. The players [being offered] are better, and I think teams realize if they're going to do it they have to offer good players. Draft choices and cap space don't equal a good player," Walsh told ESPN.com.