Which NBA coaches are feeling the most heat?

It's early.

There, we've gone ahead and uttered the same two words with which Bob Weiss and Stan Van Gundy might have reassured themselves a year ago, the same two words Mike Fratello and Doc Rivers might be repeating like a self-hypnosis mantra as they stare at the ceiling late at night and try to make the bad thoughts go away.

Remember, it's a fine line between a coach saying it's early and an owner or general manager saying he wants to make a move before it's too late, so it isn't too soon to start handicapping who will be the first of the league's 30 coaches to lose his job.

Weiss and Van Gundy were the only two coaches to lose their jobs midseason in 2005-06, but there were nine in-season coaching changes the previous year, so the argument can be made that we're on the verge of cycling back to a season of coaching carnage.

With that in mind, we present our first top-five list of who's on the coaching hot seat.

The odds under each coach represent the likelihood that he will be the first man fired this season.