Latest trade buzz headlined by Kidd, Bibby

Much to the delight of Clifford Robinson, I convinced Jason Kidd to talk tonight by calling him Barry Bonds.

I was waiting by Kidd's locker Wednesday night to speak to him prior to what may have been his last game for the New Jersey Nets, but when Kidd emerged from the trainer's room he didn't make eye contact with me or anyone else as he fiddled with his iPod, checked his Blackberry and put on his uniform shorts, right leg first, then left.

Kidd turned and walked away without a word, so I called to him, "Hey, Barry Bonds. Aren't you going to talk?"

I covered Bonds back when I was dabbling in baseball writing, and that's how he acts.

Robinson appreciated the joke, and Kidd apparently did, too, because he came back from the trainer's room two minutes later and relented.

Making it clear that he would not mind at all if a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers goes through, Kidd said the big difference between what's going on now in New Jersey and what happened the last two times he was traded was that he was blindsided when Dallas moved him to Phoenix and when Phoenix moved him to New Jersey. This time, it's no secret the Lakers are trying to get him.