Best football players from NBA rosters

Scouts Inc. NBA analyst and longtime Tampa Bay Buccaneers season-ticket holder David Thorpe eyes NBA rosters for NFL talent.

My editors and I started talking about which NBA players would make good football players, and they asked me to come up with my own "team." So, as you prepare for Super Bowl XLI, take a second to imagine the kind of havoc some of these guys would wreak on the football field.

On offense, we wanted skilled players for the skill positions. We're running a one-back set so we can spread the field with our athletes at receiver and tight end.

On defense, it's all about athleticism with a mean streak -- tough guys who can get to you in a hurry. We'll blitz often with one of the linebackers or a safety, and we have an "Answer" for QBs who try to air it out deep.