Five fixes: The Golden State Warriors

In ESPN The Magazine, Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard debated whether the Warriors or Clippers were the bigger mess. Now, Bucher offers five steps to clean up the Warriors. You can see Broussard's fixes for the Clippers here.

1 ) Make a decision on Chris Mullin

It's the first rule in Management 101 -- Establish a clear line of authority. That means either firing or extending Mullin, the VP of Operations. He was the team's architect until last summer, when team president Bobby Rowell and owner Chris Cohan negotiated extension for both Stephen Jackson and coach Don Nelson without Mullin's knowledge. Sources say Rowell, after aligning himself with Nelson, is having second thoughts and that Mullin, who is in the last year of his deal, could be re-signed even though there have been zero talks. But simply re-signing him won't be enough. They have to give him a three-year deal -- as in one more than Nellie -- providing the leverage to keep the latter from telling every young player on the roster he's about to be shipped out. Maybe it's not possible at this stage, having bagged Mullin's righthand man, assistant GM Pete D'Allesandro, but money and power can be awfully persuasive.