NBA Offseason Buzz: Utah Jazz

Want to know who's heating up for a big season on the hardwood? Insider is tapping into John Hollinger's projected player efficiency ratings to see who's trending up and down across the NBA. Ric Bucher rounds out the report by examining a pivotal player you'll want to watch as the season approaches. The series continues with the Utah Jazz.

They backed into the eighth playoff spot, losing seven of their last nine regular-season games, and then went rather quietly against the Lakers. Once a gritty defensive team, they gave up 100 points a game and allowed opponents to shoot 46 percent. With five potential free agents, some wondered if personal agendas unhinged the franchise's trademark cohesion. The better bet? A team not suited to playing up-tempo simply wore down trying to score 100-plus every night to cover for its mediocre defense. With all those free agents coming back -- at least as of now -- is there any reason to believe this season will be any different for the Jazz?

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