NBA Offseason Buzz: San Antonio Spurs

Want to know who's heating up for a big season on the hardwood? Insider is tapping into John Hollinger's projected player efficiency ratings to see who's trending up and down across the NBA. Ric Bucher rounds out the report by examining a pivotal player you'll want to watch as the season approaches. The series continues with the San Antonio Spurs.

Let's all thank the Spurs for acquiring swingman Richard Jefferson over the summer, thereby inspiring every other team with title hopes to make a bold acquisition and turning the offseason into a carousel of personnel moves. San Antonio upped the ante a second time, picking up free-agent PF Antonio McDyess. But neither move addressed San Antonio's biggest need: a front-line player who can defend athletic 4s and stretch the floor offensively, a la Robert Horry. So while the Spurs certainly improved themselves, they're still one piece short of their championship formula.

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