Buyer's Guide: Dwyane Wade

Wade's biggest strength is his ability to finish after contact. But it may also be his downfall. Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

ESPN Insider is analyzing NBA free agents not named LeBron James (we covered him pretty extensively a few weeks ago, and there's even more coming every day on the LeBron Tracker) to determine what they're really worth to the teams chasing them this summer. To follow the entire series, click here. We continue Wednesday with Dwyane Wade.


While LeBron James hasn't quite figured out the player he wants to be -- Magic Johnson or a bigger Michael Jordan -- Dwyane Wade has already carved out his identity as the ultimate combo guard. Wade is quick enough to blow by shooting guards but long enough to overpower point guards. "Dwyane is a function of his athleticism and his ability to be better than you physically," one league exec said. But what does that mean for his future?