Top 10 unmovable NBA contracts

The 29-year-old Johnson will be paid like a top-five player for the next six years. Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors have underlined an NBA truism that has become even more important given the uncertainty of the next collective bargaining agreement: Teams loathe taking on big contracts. Whether it's Kenyon Martin's expiring deal or Luol Deng's bloated salary, teams continue to play hot potato with their respective unpalatable contracts.

At least expiring deals, like those of Martin and Andrei Kirilenko, offer a chance for rebuilding teams to wipe themselves clean in anticipation of a gloomy offseason. So while those guys might be deal breakers, the following 10 players' contracts are even more troublesome because of their distant expiration dates. (Note: pPER refers to a player's projected PER for the upcoming season.)