Future prospects for rebuilding teams

With Wall signaling a changing of the guard, Arenas remains a bit of an unknown commodity. Ned Dishman/Getty Images

A new NBA season is upon us. Some playoff teams, such as the Atlanta Hawks and the Denver Nuggets, did little tinkering this summer, keeping their winning cores together for 2010-11. (Yes, Carmelo Anthony is still a Nugget, believe it or not.) Other teams, such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies, find themselves in the middle stages of their youth movement and hope that continuity serves as the most effective incubator for growth.

And then there are the franchises firmly locked into rebuilding mode. With a bounty of superstars available in free agency this past offseason, a handful of franchises gutted their bloated rosters and freed up cap space for a brighter day. Others ignored the marquee free agents and went the tabula rasa route, exhaling their toxic contracts and inhaling fresh air.

So which rosters were overhauled the most from last season? And what can we expect from them in the upcoming season? Glad you asked.