Debate: Should Magic trade for Arenas?

If Arenas bounces back to an All-Star caliber this season, he could be a great addition for Orlando. Gary Dineen/Getty Images

The only thing Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard like to do more than report on the NBA is argue about the NBA. So we decided to combine those two skills for Insider's weekly One-on-One series, in which they'll debate the hottest topics in the association.

Question: Should the Orlando Magic trade for Gilbert Arenas?

BUCHER: It's no secret that the Washington Wizards are ready and willing to move Gilbert Arenas and complete the process of rebuilding around John Wall. The Orlando Magic seem to be the team with the most interest, and an Arenas-Vince Carter deal works from a salary-cap standpoint. I say get it done it already, Magic GM Otis Smith. What say you, Broussard?

BROUSSARD: I have to admit that I like that idea -- except for one thing: Arenas' health. If I'm Otis Smith, I want to wait until I see Arenas play for a month or two before I pull the trigger. For all I know, he's damaged goods. He's 28 years old, he's played only 47 games in three years, and he's already been sidelined by a groin injury. Plus, who knows if he's still an All-Star-caliber player for 82 games? Bottom line: It's too early to make that move right now.