Debate: 1-on-1 at NBA All-Star Game?

Skip the game. Let's get these two together for a little one-on-one. Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The only thing Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard like to do more than report on the NBA is argue about the NBA. So we decided to combine those two skills for Insider's weekly One-on-One series, in which they'll debate the hottest topics in the association.

Question: How can the NBA All-Star Game be improved?

BUCHER: All-Star Weekend is upon us and while commissioner David Stern didn't ask, I think it could use some sprucing up ... as in a competition that would assure some fiery competition. I have several ideas that I'd like to pitch, but the one I'd most like to see is a one-on-one contest.

BROUSSARD: I'd love to see a one-on-one competition as well, but only if the game's best players participated. Heck, who wouldn't want to watch Kobe Bryant versus Dwayne Wade in one semi, and LeBron James versus Kevin Durant in the other. But -- and I haven't asked the players so this is just speculation -- I would be shocked if any of the big names played. They won't even participate in the dunk contest, so I see no way they'd be in a one-on-one competition -- there is too much to lose. And without the big names I don't think it works. Does anyone really care who would win between Von Wafer and Shannon Brown? You couldn't even truly crown him the one-on-one champ because everyone would be thinking, "Kobe or LeBron would wipe the floor with him."