Who's better: Garnett or Bosh?

Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh are two of the top power forwards in the game. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

In this space we'll break down the best individual matchup of the week to see who's the better player. But toss out career accomplishments or potential. This is about ability -- strengths, weaknesses, intangibles -- and who gives his team the best chance to win. It's about the only thing that matters when you step on the court on any given night -- who's better right now.

You just can't win in this league without a great power forward -- particularly one who can fill the stat sheet across the board and perfectly complement the superstars playing next to him. The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat have no such worries with Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh on the floor.

Garnett is the emotional anchor of Boston's Big Three, while Bosh is the unsung third wheel in Miami's triumvirate. Their roles vary, but both will play vital roles in their respective teams' championship chase. While Garnett is putting the finishing touches on a Hall of Fame career, Bosh has become one of the league's more maligned players despite posting stellar numbers alongside two superstars who often have the ball in their hands.

They're both charged with providing their respective teams with scoring, muscle and leadership, but who does it better?