How LeBron, Rose can get better

LeBron James and Derrick Rose could both afford to improve their jump shots. Getty Images

Every player knows that the summer is when you get better. One of the best ways to improve during the offseason is to study film of your peers doing what they do best, then apply bits and pieces to your own game through countless practice hours in the gym.

This holds true for every player, including the NBA's most talented. Here's a look at how four stars with some imperfections in their games can step things up, examining both what they need to improve and whom they could learn from.

LeBron James, F, Miami Heat

No player's game came under more scrutiny this past season than that of LeBron James. His skills were once thought to be the most complete in the league, but during the Heat's failed title-run, James' inefficiencies were exposed like never before. Whether it was a result of general indecision or the effects of crippling pressure (only James knows for sure), the fact that he seemed to lack offensive options was abundantly clear.

On the one hand, James posted terrific postseason numbers of 23 points per game, 8.4 rebounds per game and 5.9 assists per game, but when he failed to go into attack mode, he ended up looking rather one-dimensional, while failing to score from large spots of the floor.