3-pointer has influenced other leagues even more than NBA

The NBA is shooting more 3-pointers than ever, as Insider's Tom Haberstroh explains in Wednesday's feature on the long battle for coaches and teams to accept the value of the 3.

In comparison to other top basketball leagues, however, the NBA is still behind when it comes to using the 3-pointer. And their experience can help us understand where 3-point trends might be headed in the NBA.

It's a 3-mad world

A record 26.8 percent of all NBA shots came from beyond the arc during the 2014-15 regular season, and that mark has climbed to 29.8 percent during the playoffs so far. But those percentages are still the lowest among major leagues worldwide. D-League teams attempted 3s on 29.9 percent of their shots this season, NCAA teams 34.2 percent and Euroleague teams an incredible 36.1 percent.

Skeptics will argue that the rise of the 3-pointer in the NBA is a trend, that the league runs in cycles and 2-point shots will eventually become undervalued. That hasn't been the case in other leagues, where 3-point rates started higher than they did in the NBA (which introduced the shot in 1979-80) and have continued to climb. Let's take a closer look, league by league.