NBA draft stock watch: Biggest risers, new No. 1 in Top 100

Carr nails dagger for Penn State (0:49)

Tony Carr hits a cold-blooded 3-pointer late in the game for Penn State. (0:49)

The college basketball regular season is over, and after bowing out in the conference tournaments, quite a few players already have seen their careers come to a close, with many more about to do the same.

This is a wild time in the NBA scouting world, with executives jetting from game to game and tournament site to tournament site trying to get one last look at the group of prospects that will make up the 2018 draft class. Not every NBA executive has "gotten eyes" on every player at this stage, especially not the late risers outside of the lottery, while other players haven't been seen extensively since the early part of the season. A huge contingent of NBA teams congregating on mostly the same tournament sites (especially this past weekend in New York for the Big Ten tournament) makes it very convenient to get a pulse on what executives are thinking about this draft class as a whole. It has caused a bit of a shake-up in our top 100 as we realized that some players are likely to be drafted much higher or lower than what we had projected.

With that in mind, here are a few players whose draft stock has moved up or down since the last time we checked in on our Top 100.